Railway vehicle maintenance

GMF has the official approvals, authorisations and certifications to perform maintenance for all types of rolling stock

GMF is a company that has been officially approved by the Spanish Railway Safety Agency as a Rolling Stock Maintenance Centre.

It has been certified as an Entity in charge of maintenance (EEM) based on maintenance management and the execution of maintenance works according to the Regulation (EU) n.º 2019/779. Likewise, it carries out corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance on locomotives, track machinery and railcars.

The GMF professional team is highly specialised with expert training in motor mechanics, general electricity, applied electronics, electromechanics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. It also has personnel certified in Non-destructive Testing [NDT] (ultrasound, magnetic particles, penetrating liquids, visual inspection) at levels 1 and 2 and in welding engineering according to the regulations stipulated in the railway applications standard EN15085.

Locomotive maintenance

GMF has several certified workshops for locomotive maintenance based on Regulation (EU) n.º 2019/779.  These workshops are located in the Iberian Peninsula (three in Spain and two in Portugal). They can work on three common track widths (1000, 1435 and 1668) and they are fully equipped to perform comprehensive maintenance. The company carries out preventive and corrective locomotive maintenance for the series: 251 (FGC), 308, 310, 311, 312 (MZIII y LDE), 313, 317, 335, 601 and Euro 6000 (AESF), among others.

Railcar maintenance

GMF’s workshops are the benchmark in the Iberian Peninsula for railcar maintenance. The works are developed according to the maintenance plans supplied by the customers. The projects are authorised by the Customers to perform the interventions based on European VPI standards. Large-scale interventions (R and REV) are carried out annually on more than 350 railcars for different Customers (VTG, Ermewa, Captrain Spain, Continental Rail, Cimpor, Somafel, etc.).

Infrastructure machine maintenance

GMF performs construction machinery maintenance, track maintenance, cyclical inspections of type IS1, IS2 and IM, as well as all types of repairs with a non-cyclical nature. It also carries out maintenance for track inspection trolleys (draisines) and special track vehicles and executes incidental operations for companies in the construction sector. It is a specialist in tamping equipment and in the transformation of complex machines for different tracks widths.

Passenger coach and train units maintenance

In recent years, GMF has been involved in several general revision and modernisation projects, among which:

  • Modernisation of the Alfa Pendular fleet for Comboios in Portugal;
  • Recovery and total painting of the body and floors of the Schindler vehicles for Comboios in Portugal
  • First level maintenance for Metro do Porto
  • Door operating system maintenance of the ML 95, ML97 and ML99 series for Metro de Lisboa
  • General inspection of the classic cable cars, lifts and trams in Lisbon for Carris
  • Inspection and testing of the axles with gearboxes for Fertagus

Other types of maintenance

Likewise, GMF develops other accessory maintenance works, such as Non-destructive testing (NDT) (US, VT, MT and LP), wheel setting/offsetting and lathe works of wheels without disassembly in our state-of-the-art lathing pit.