Cookies policy

1. Introduction

Via this Cookies Policy, GMF RAILWAY MAINTENANCE SERVICES, S.L. (hereinafter, “GMF”) offers you information regarding the cookies used on the website (hereinafter, the “Website”).

The GMF uses cookies for the purpose of gathering information regarding use of the Website. We inform you that we may use cookies for the purpose of enabling browsing of the Website, to distinguish you from other users, to analyse your browsing habits or to personalise the way in which the content is displayed on the Website.

Should the User accept the use of cookies, this will be consistent with their download (and/or similar technologies) on their device in the case of the corresponding option being enabled.

During initial access to the Website, the User is informed, via a pop-up banner as a first level warning, of the use of cookies, both own and third parties, stating their main purposes. When the User starts to browse the Website, they have the possibility of accepting or rejecting the use of cookies, as well as the option of various settings related to them. In all cases, the User may amend the settings of their browser at any time in accordance with their preferences.

In addition, the GMF provides the User, as a second level warning, with this Cookies Policy, for the purpose of extending and detailing the information related to (i) what is a cookie, (ii) types, purpose and duration of cookies used on the Website and (iii) how to accept, reject or configure their use, in accordance with the settings panel, the features of the website and the device used to browse the Website.

You may read our Website Privacy Policy, (integral part of the GMF Privacy Policy) and Legal Warning for further information regarding the use of this Website, the handling of your personal data and the exercising of your rights.

Should you have any queries, comments or suggestions regarding the Cookies Policy, please write to


2.- What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that the websites installs on the computer or mobile device of users that visit them. Cookies carry out many different tasks, and for example, allow us to know the number of times that the Website has been visited previously by the user, identifying if they have been previously registered, recording their previous actions and preferences, in order to not have to configure them again when they return to the Website (start of session identifier, password, language, font size and other viewing preferences), as well as allowing secure and stable browsing between pages.

Cookies used on the Website do not reveal personal information. Their analytical purpose uses identifiers, including the IP address, for the sole purpose of identifying the number of unique visitors to the website, their geographical origin or their web use trends, but does not personally identify the User.

2. Type and purpose of cookies

Below we offer you information regarding the type and purpose of cookies used on the Website:

  • ‘Strictly necessary’ cookies: These are cookies considered as vital for the browsing of the Website, as they enable use of the functions and tools.
  • Functionality and analytical cookies: These are own or third-party cookies, which allow us to provide you with satisfactory browsing during your visit to our Website. They allow us to analyse the use of the Website, in order to be able to compile statistics and improve its performance.


3. Who uses cookies?

The information gathered using cookies downloaded from the GMF Website is used by the owner of the Website, GMF and on occasions, by third parties who we identify on the cookies settings panel.

Below you can see detailed information regarding the cookies that we use on our Website:

gdpr[consent_types]NecessaryThis cookie is used to store user consent to use cookies.gmf.es1 year
gdpr[allowed_cookies]NecessaryUsed to store cookies allowed by registered users and visitors to the website.gmf.es1 year
gdpr[privacy_bar]NecessaryStores the consent of users in order not to automatically show the cookies window when accessing the site.gmf.es1 year
test_cookieAdvertisingThird party cookies with the purpose of determining if the user’s browser admits cookies.doubleclick.net1 year
IDEAdvertisingThird party cookies used by Google DoubleClick. These store information on how the user uses the website, and any other adverts before visiting the website. Used to present adverts to the users that are relevant for them, in accordance with their user profile.doubleclick.net1 year


4. How do I set up, withdraw my consent or remove cookies?

You may accept, reject or manage the installation of cookies on your device via the settings panel, or by setting up the browser options installed on your device.

The management options via the browser are subject to updates or amendments that developers make to browsers, meaning we are unable to ensure that they will fully fit the latest version available at each time for each browser. In the case of the installation of cookies on your browser not being permitted, you may be temporarily unable to access any of the Website’s services or sections.

Below, we will provide you with links to cookie setup for the most common browsers.


5. International transfers of data

The User may be informed of International transfers of data (ITD) to third-party countries which, where applicable, are carried out by third parties identified in this cookies policy in their corresponding policies.


6. Notification

This Cookies Policy will be permanently accessible via a related link located on the Website.


7. Updates and review

This Policy will be reviewed and updated whenever necessary, in order to adapt it to our practices, services, and to applicable cookies regulations. When we publish changes to this Cookie Policy, we shall review the ‘Last update’ date, which appears in the upper section of this Policy.

In all cases, we recommend you to review this Policy each time you access our Website, for the purpose of being properly informed on how and why we use cookies.