Spare parts marketing

Manufacture and sale of spare parts for all types of railway vehicles

GMF offers a comprehensive service for new projects, which range from project designs and calculations up to final manufacture and assembly.

Likewise, it performs the marketing for spare parts, replacement parts and components which range from machined parts for all types of railway vehicles up to the production of large components or final assembly.

Its facilities are equipped with parallel CNC lathes up to 5 meters between points, CNC milling machines up to 4 meters, cutting-edge machining centres and electrical discharge machining (EDM).

Component manufacturing

Among the highly specialised component manufacturing, we highlight:

  • Bogie components;
  • Doors, windows and their components;
  • Safety/Security systems
  • Railway interior decoration projects;
  • Special custom-made machines;
  • Custom-made tool kits with or without our engineering specifications;
  • Transport racks, rail trolleys and railway elements;