Technical management and Entity in charge of maintenance (EEM)

Maintenance and technical support management in official approval processes and authorisations

GMF is a firm that has been certified as Entity in charge of maintenance (EEM) based on EU Regulation UE n.º 2019/779 for all functions that are required for EEM.

Among other services, GMF provides maintenance management according to the standards required by the Regulation (EU) n.º 2019/779, analysing incidents, operation and maintenance situations, changing if required, their maintenance plans and creating a complete annual report with all the recorded data.

Technical support in approvals and authorisations

In addition to maintenance management, GMF offers other services such as

  • Technical support for official approval projects and authorisation of maintenance centres, as well as certification processes, not only in Spain but in other countries
  • Technical support to obtain the entry into service commissioning authorisation for all types of railway vehicles
  • Development of modification projects for railway rolling stock;
  • Official processes before transport authorities (AESF, ADIF, IMT. JP and ERA) for the case-files to modify railway rolling stock
  • Risk analysis studies, based on the application of Regulation (EU) n.º 402/2013 on the adoption of a common safety method for risk evaluation and assessment