GMF – Railway Maintenance Services

Expert specialists in comprehensive maintenance for railway rolling stock

GMF – Railway Maintenance Services is an organisation specialised in railway rolling stock maintenance, which belongs to COMSA Corporación Group.

Guaranteed by over 50 years of experience in the sector; the firm also specialises in the manufacture and marketing of spare parts, as well as new equipment design.

GMF has certification in the ISO 9001 quality standard in force, which certifies the provision of its services based on high-level efficiency and quality standards.

The firm offers comprehensive solutions based on the fulfilment of the most demanding safety conditions, state-of-the-art facilities at highly competitive costs.


GMF was founded in 2003 to accordingly centralise the management of the railway track construction and maintenance machinery by COMSA Corporación. Since its founding, GMF has continually evolved and diversified to achieve its leadership position in the market.

GMF was split into two companies.
Comsa Machinery & Equipment (CME): asset manager of the construction machinery for COMSA Corporación.
GMF Railway Maintenance Services: rolling stock and machinery maintenance.
First maintenance contract for third party locomotives.
Inauguration of a workshop in Portugal, focused on railcar maintenance for local companies.
Start-up of the maintenance activity for COMSA Corporación’s external customers.
Consolidation in its internationalisation process. Major work projects in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico.
Corporate split process which lead to the founding of COMSA Rail Transport (CRT, currently CAPTRAIN Spain, which was sold to the SNCF Group in 2018).
GMF was founded as the result of supplying assets and personnel in order to develop the machinery maintenance field. Construction of the Constantí workshop (Tarragona, Spain).
COMSA created the department in charge of machinery maintenance (DAM).

Mission and Values

Our Mission

To offer an efficient, reliable and comprehensive service with premium quality, with proper safety conditions, at an optimum cost within the framework of continual improvement and professional development.

Customer service
Our vocation is to provide the best service to our customers which satisfies their needs and completely fulfils their expectations.
We are deeply committed to our work and we seek excellence in all the services that we provide.
We work in a professional team to guarantee the best result for our Customers, with strict quality standards in all the activities that we implement.
Professional development
GMF is based on the solid pillar of its highly qualified personnel and consequently, we invest in their professional development in the company.
Occupational safety and health
We ensure the creation of safe work environments to guarantee the maximum safety and protection of our employees and other interested parties.
At GMF we work to offer value-added solutions to our clients