Comprehensive reconstruction of a locomotive damaged during the rainstorm

In the storm of October 2019, during its trip between Barcelona and Lleida (Spain), the dual locomotive 601-004 from Captrain España was swept away by the water and fell into a ravine. Fortunately, the serious accident did not have consequences in terms of personal injury, thanks to the courage and expertise of the professional who drove it.

Three-quarters of the locomotive were submerged in water and mud. After a complex recovery operation, the locomotive was transferred to the GMF workshop in Constantí (Tarragona, Spain).

Since then, in the workshop, the locomotive has undergone a comprehensive rebuild, in which all electronic equipment, boards, converters, traction motors and diesel engine and alternators have been dismantled and sheet metal work and fabrication of a new semi-cab have been carried out. Multidisciplinary teams with great experience have intervened in the work.

18 months later, the locomotive is back on track. GMF thus proves its ability to do complex work on traction vehicles, both electric in alternating and direct current, as well as diesel (diesel electric, mechanical and hydraulic).


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