Transparency, ethics and integrity

Ethical and regulatory compliance is essential in the development of activities

GMF considers it essential to carry out its activities on the basis of ethical and regulatory compliance criteria.

As a company of the COMSA Corporación group, GMF adheres to its Compliance Model, which consists of a Code of Ethics and a Criminal Compliance Policy, as well as Protocols and Policies that develop both documents.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to establish the values, commitments and principles of action that should guide the daily work of all members of the administrative bodies, managers, and employees of the group. Likewise, the Criminal Compliance Policy establishes the principles that must govern the actions of all members of the organisation in order to avoid incurring criminal risks.

You can consult here the Code of Ethics and Criminal Compliance Policy of the group’s Compliance Model.

GMF’s Compliance Body ensures that the provisions of the Code of Ethics, Criminal Compliance Policy and the Protocols and Policies that develop them are known, understood and duly complied with by the group’s employees and collaborators. This body has autonomous powers of initiative and control in the performance of its functions.


Composition of the GMF Compliance Body

The GMF Compliance Body is formed by the Ethics Committee of COMSA Corporación and an additional person closely linked to the GMF company’s business, who will act as a liaison person between the management body and the GMF employee and the Ethics Committee of COMSA Corporación, to whom he/she will report periodically and, where appropriate, on a timely basis, any incidents and possible breaches of the Compliance Model:

Jorge Miarnau, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Chairman of the Committe


Guillermo Lorenzo, Infrastructure, Engineering and Services General Director

Board Member


Ferran Perea, Corporate Economic Services General Director

Board Member


Santiago Sanjosé, Director of Administration and Corporate Control

Board Member


Ignacio Ponz, Human Resources Director

Board Member


Carles Mases, Legal Department director

Ethics Committee Secretary


José Ignacio Barrenechea Guevara, Business director

Liaison Person

The ethical channel

The ethical channel is a communication tool that allows both the internal personnel of GMF and third parties to inform the Ethics Committee of any situation of non-compliance with the law, the Code of Ethics or the internal rules that develop it.

Communications may be anonymous and contain any doubts or queries regarding ethics and regulatory compliance. They will be received and analysed in a diligent, rigorous and confidential manner and will be treated in accordance with the Protocol established for this purpose, based on best practices, with the aim of responding to them and processing them in an orderly manner.

Consult here the Reporting, Internal Investigations and Corporate Reactions Channel Management Protocol.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of the data and the object of the complaint, the documentation will be protected in accordance with the requirements established by the Data Protection regulations.

You can use the Ethics Channel by clicking here: